Dragon's Way Qigong®

Dragon’s Way Qigong® is a Complete System for Self Healing That Addresses the Root Cause of Imbalances to Guide the Body Back to Total, Vibrant health

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During the 6-Week Dragon's Way Qigong® Program You Will Learn

1. Wu Ming Qigong Movements
Ten select Wu Ming Qigong movements are the cornerstone of this program’s success. When practiced regularly they have the ability to “clean-up” the body and increase overall energy. These powerful qigong movements are easy to do, can be practiced by everyone, and require no special clothing or special breathing technique.

2. Eating for Healing Plan
Our recommended eating style supports the body’s need for energetic balance. Dragon’s Way Qigong® encourages a positive relationship with food and goes well beyond counting calories or portion control.

3. Map for Understanding the Body’s Messages
We teach you how to listen to your body so you can resolve imbalances and continue to enjoy good health far beyond the 6-week program. Through the Five Element perspective you will learn how to partner with your body and understand why pain, discomfort, mood swings, and food cravings are all deep messages from the body.

4. Herbal Supplements
Like foods, herbs also contain a unique blueprint or essence to support the body. Did you know that some of the teas you drink are considered herbs? Some people ask, “Do I have to take herbs?” and the answer is no. However, if you are struggling with many health issues including excess weight, we definitely recommend herbal support.

What others have experienced
•    Less stress and more energy
•    Improved sleep and mental sharpness
•    Weight loss and reduction of body fat
•    Resolved issues like bloating, joint pain, back pain, PMS, infertility
•    Improved blood work and lower blood pressure
•    Allergy relief
•    Improved digestion without enzymes
•    Resolution of mood swings

A Word From Program Creator, Grand Master Nan Lu
"I believe most of us do not realize the strong role stress plays in health and weight problems. I have designed Dragon's Way Qigong® to show you how and why it does. Deeply rooted in the traditional Chinese medicine principle of prevention, this program teaches skills that will enable you to maintain newly gained levels of health. My hope is that you will make Dragon's Way Qigong® a life-long practice."
Grand Master Nan Lu    

A Look at Certified Dragon's Way Qigong® Instructors
Certified Dragon's Way Qigong® Instructors have completed hundreds of hours of rigorous training in Chinese medicine principles and have achieved a level of self-cultivation through Qigong practice that allows them to share this ancient wisdom. They are individuals with the passion to inspire others as they too discover a new relationship with health and wellness. With Grand Mater Lu's final approval, each instructor is given permission to share the Dragon's Way Qigong® program in their communities. This training program is offered only under the auspices of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation and the direct guidance of Grand Master Nan Lu.